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Choosing and Installing New Windows

This blog discusses the questions that may arise when choosing and installing new windows. Choosing the right windows can improve your property significantly, both aesthetically and functionally.  There are many window styles and materials to choose from and replacing your windows with new double or triple glazed windows will reduce your heating bills, reduce noise pollution and save you money, as well as improving the appearance and value of your home.

Choosing a Window Style

The style of window you should choose really depends on your house or apartment, your new windows should compliment your home. The most popular window styles are:

Casement Windows

Casement windows, one of the most popular windows in Ireland, have a hinged sash that swings out, and can be a single, or double window. Material options for casement windows are uPVC, timber, Aluminium and Alu-Clad.

Velux Windows

Velux windows have long been popular for difficult areas in hallways, attics and bathrooms with limited wall or roof area.

Sash Windows

Sash windows provide a traditional look and are often used on older houses that require bespoke sizes.

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Choosing window materials

There are a variety of materials commonly used in window installation, the most popular are:

uPVC Windows

uPVC Windows are made of recycled plastic and are cheapest option when choosing windows. uPVC is extremely long lasting and weather resistant and will not deteriorate.

Timber Windows

Wood is the original window material. Softwood timber windows are an inexpensive option which can be painted or stained to compliment both contemporary and period-style homes. Hardwood timber, such as oak, is much more expensive, but more durable, and is usually used on very traditional style houses.

Aluminium Windows or Alu-Clad Window

Alu-Clad windows are timber windows which are powder coated Aluminium on the exterior to provide durability and energy efficiency, yet keeping the traditional timber interior appearance on the inside of the house. Alu-clad is available in casement windows, traditional sliding sash windows, or tilt & turn windows and can be double or triple glazed to improve the insulation and therefore the energy efficiency of your home. Alu-Clad doors are also available.

Crystal Complete Builder only uses materials and windows that comply with safety guidelines and building regulations.

Choosing the glass for your windows

Single pane, or single glazed glass is rarely used and not suitable for the Irish climate. All properties lose heat through their windows, but choosing energy-efficient glazing such as double or triple-glazing, or secondary glazing, will reduce your energy bills and keep your house insulated, resulting in a warmer and quieter home. Triple glaze windows may be necessary to upgrade the BER rating of your home and in an area where traffic and noise pollution is a issue.

Choosing windows to improving your energy rating

To achieve the highest energy efficiency and achieve an “A” rating triple glazing is necessary, although it is the most expensive option. However this is not the only consideration. Windows using an inert gas like argon, krypton or xenon between the panes minimise the conduction of heat from the building and have a better energy efficiency rating.

Now that we explored the important questions relating to the topic “Choosing and Installing New Windows”, if you have any questions please contact us.