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Choosing and Installing New Doors

When Choosing and Installing New Doors, as a homeowner, you might be left with many questions. While it may not be something that you realise until you are selecting your own, choosing the right door is integral to making your home a home. It defines its appearance, provides insulation and gives you safety. Like windows, doors also add value to your home. When you’re making a decision about the style to go for, both internally and externally, you should think about the house or apartment and what you want to achieve. Is it a classic look you want? Or more chic-modern?

Crystal Complete Building offer a complete range of doors for sale suitable for any home and any budget.

External Doors

Front doors are one of the most striking features of a home. They establish the feeling of the whole structure in a small space, whether it’s a moulded uPVC or a panelled wood. In contrast, back doors are often more simple and understated, offering a more functional purpose from the modest residential door to French doors or standard patio sliding door and then on to grand opening Lift/Tilt and Slide or Bi-Folding doors opening onto patios and gardens giving an open plan feel.

In choosing your door there are a few things to consider:

What material do I want?

As with windows, there are a variety of different materials that your door can be made from. uPVC is a recycled plastic compound and is suitable for any budget, offering durability, low-maintenance requirements and reliable insulation. Wood is another popular choice for your doors, but can fluctuate in cost depending on the type of wood you prefer. It also requires more maintenance than uPVC would but it can be customised to suit your needs by Factory finish painting or staining.

Composite doors are the most secure doors for the modern home. They have better heat insulation than either uPVC or wood (which will mean savings in the long-term), and are highly resistant to the elements. They are also sturdy and strong with impregnated woodgrain colour similar in the appearance of a traditional wooden door without the maintenance requirements. Alu-Clad doors are solid timber doors with the added protection of an outer layer of aluminium cladding on the external side of the door. These have the benefits of low-maintenance and high energy efficiency with thicker glazing options.

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Internal Doors

If your outer doors give the aesthetic, then your inner give you the atmosphere. Thinking about your interior doors you should consider how they will work with the room. For example, if you have an architrave in the room then you’ll want to consider how the door will complement it. Will a modern door clash? Or maybe, could it revitalise a more traditional room into being contemporary?

There’s no shortage of options when shopping for your internal doors, and there’s good quality available for any budget. Styles include moulded, kitchen, sliding, glazed, flush, shaker and wooden doors. It’s not just the door that you can customise either, there’s also the option of the handle, stops and hinges that can all be tailored to your preference.

Security and Safety

Door locks are also an important consideration. Peace of mind is a top priority for Crystal Complete Building and four hinges, hook locks, shoot bolts and anti-snap cylinders are supplied as standard with each product to ensure that you, and your family, feel secure.

Now that we discussed the topic of “Choosing and Installing New Doors”, if you need any more advice we also have a guide to selecting your windows.